Central New York Housing News

Before You Sell

Deciding to put your home on the market can bring on a wide range of emotions. You may feel excitement at the prospect of moving on or moving up. Some sellers feel anticipation about what the future holds and about what kind of deals buyers may bring to the table.

On the opposite end of the spectrum you may be feeling sadness or even regret. That's because selling your house can feel a lot life selling your home. Any and all of these emotional responses are normal!

Financial To Do List

Many of today's renters are looking for ways they can make the transition to homeowner. It's a great goal and dream to have! Homeownership comes with a long list of benefits. Studies have revealed that homeowners can expect high levels of stability and security, increased high school graduation rates, and an overall feeling of health and well-being.

Additionally, owning a home is a way to build long-term wealth. Renting is a one way road for your money. It goes out, but never comes back. When you own, though, you are paying towards an asset. You build equity over time and are also in line for some great tax credits, deductions, and rebates.

Welcome to our NEWLY UPDATED website!

We are very excited to roll out the new look and functionality of cnyREALTOR.com! The new mapping feature is the most interactive way to find your new home in CNY! Who would have thought that searching for your new home could be so fun! Simply click on an area on the map to zoom in further to find the properties available in that area. Or, you can click on advanced search to put in your detailed criteria and search that way as well.

When is an Agent a REALTOR

Sometimes the terms "agent" and "realtor" are used interchangeably by people. These two terms mean very different things, though!

Let's take a look at just what makes an agent a REALTOR® and how you can know which one is the right fit for you.

A real estate agent is a professional that helps people buy and sell houses and land. In order to legally do business as an agent a person must take a real estate licensing course and/or pass their state exam.

April is Fair Housing Month

Please join the Greater Syracuse Association of Realtors in celebration of Fair Housing Month by visiting an open house in the following neighborhoods to support all communities in our great city! View all open houses here! "Say Yes to Education" is just one great benefit of city living! April 1st - Northside

Top 10 Tips For Sellers

Today's sellers may face challenging conditions in many markets, but that doesn't mean choosing to sell is a bad idea. There are many reasons to sell and most are good ones.

Here are ten tips to get you on your way to getting your home sold.

1. Hire a Professional. This is no time to be navigating the rough waters of the real estate market on your own. You want someone who can help you accurately price your home, bring in potential buyers, handle contracts, and market your home to the masses.

Housing to Be Key Factor in 2012 Election

HouseLogic, the consumer website for the National Association of Realtors® has released the results from their latest survey. They found that when it comes to the upcoming 2012 election, jobs and housing are at the forefront of voters' minds.

U.S. Will Remain a Nation of Homeowners

The U.S. will not become a nation of renters; there are just too many benefits, both financial and otherwise, to own versus rent. That's according to the combined findings of several recent studies presented during the "Buyer or Renter Nation?" session at the 2011 Realtors® Conference & Expo recently.

Growth in Commercial Real Estate Markets Expected in 2012

Commercial real estate markets have been relatively flat this year, but improving fundamentals mean a more positive trend is expected in 2012, according to the National Association of Realtors®.

REALTORS Applaud Congress for Reinstating FHA Loan Limits

The National Association of Realtors® commends Congress for reinstating the loan limit formula and maximum cap for Federal Housing Administration-insured loans for two years.