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New York State REALTOR® July/August 2016 Digital Issue


Matrix Update - September cut-over date

Final cut-over to Matrix will be on

September 7, 2016!

Matrix is up and running, except for Add/Edit, so you should be using Matrix daily as your go-to program, except for the Add/Edit feature. This gives you the opportunity to get really comfortable with the system before cut-over!


New York's REALTORS launch NY First Home campaign

NYSAR has launched a public campaign to support its NY First Home proposal to make buying a first home more affordable in New York State. The program would allow individuals to put away up to $5,000 ($10,000 for couples) per year in a designated savings account to be used solely for costs associated with the purchase of a first home. These funds would be deductible on state personal income taxes, and the principal and any gain would be tax free.

Matrix UPDATE & Hands-on Training

The NYS Alliance of MLS's announces a new timeline for Matrix cutover. The new planned date for our cutover will be after July 5th. Please read the letter below for all of the updated details on the Matrix cutover.

In the meantime, come in for some hands-on training!

Click here for the hands-on training schedule for specific dates and times for training sessions!

Click here to register for one of the sessions.

Important Changes to STAR benefit for new homeowners

This year’s budget agreement between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers included a change to the STAR program for certain new homeowners. The change will ONLY apply to homeowners that purchased a home in New York on or after March 1, 2015. These new homeowners will now receive a STAR rebate check in September rather than a STAR credit against their school tax bill. On or about May 1, property owners subject to this new program will receive a letter from their local assessor outlining this new process and how to apply to receive their rebate check.