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 If your schedule does not allow you to take our classroom courses during the day, then these online courses are the answer to your continuing education dilemmas!

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Online Courses from Hondros Learning

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Online Courses from OnCourse Learning

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Courses through Hondros Learning:


Agency: The Big Picture (3.0 hours)

Evaluating Current Standards in Fair Housing (3.0)

Keeping It Real: Property Law and Case Studies (4.0 hours)

NAR: Ethical Training through the Standards of Practice (4.0 hours)

Painless Property Rentals: Managing Investment Properties (4.0 hours)

Thinking Outside the Box: Financing Investment Properties (4.0 hours)

What's Up Doc: Examinig Investment Properties (4.0 hours)

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Courses through OnCourse Learning:


22.5 Hour Renewal Package: Pricing Property to Sell; Methods of Residential Finance; ADA and Fair Housing; Ethics in Real Estate (approved for 1 hour of agency training)

Basic Real Estate Finance (7.5 hours)

Commercial Finance and Investment Analysis (7.5 hours)

Commercial Leases (7.5 hours)

Commercial Sales and Exchanges (7.5 hours)

Methods of Residential Finance (7.5 hours)

Pricing Property to Sell (7.5 hours)

Tax Advantages of Home Ownership (7.5 hours)

ADA and Fair Housing (3.75 hours)

Ethics in Real Estate (3.75 hours) (approved for 1 hour of agency training)

Tax Free Exchanges (3.75 hours)

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Online licensing courses are also available through GSAR. Click here to learn more...